Monday, June 19, 2017


It was a good weekend, albeit VERY hot and VERY humid.  Ugh doesn't even begin to describe it, ha.

I was able to mow which is always my favorite thing to do, I put on my headphones and spend a couple hours mowing. It's so relaxing to me.  

But change is on the way, and not necessarily good.

And this is why:

There is a tropical disturbance (and another one right behind it!) in the Gulf of Mexico.  Earlier models had it going toward Mexico, now the "cone" of possible landfall locations is showing us in the middle as an almost direct hit.  Or either side of us, East or West.  We'll see.  If it's direct or West, we'll be on what is called the "dirty side" and have LOTS of rain later this week.  If it's East, we'll be on the "clean side" and have dry weather.

Dorsett Golden apple tree
Stopped on the way to the farm so I could look for some supplies and I happened upon this gorgeous Dorsett Golden apple tree. I pulled up one of the dead ones, changed out much of the soil, put new soil in and planted the tree.  So excited.  

For those who missed yesterday's post, CLICK HERE to see a before and after pic of this area.

Grow baby grow!

Snake skin
As I was watering the trees, I noticed this dangling out from under the house.  A freakin' snake skin!  I debated the merits of looking underneath but decided I needed to.  So I crawled under with a flashlight and, THANKFULLY, didn't see anything.

But the skin left behind was long...
Veeeery long...

I painted the other metal chair in the "Golden Sunset" color.  We love it!  For now they are both in the garden.  I forgot to get a closeup but you can kind of see them in this picture, ha.  They actually look pretty in the garden with the red veggie cages, but we have a place for them, coming soon. 

Harvest Monday
Speaking of veggies, here is some of the weekend haul. There are cucumbers under there and a few more off camera and another giant zucchini I left out of the photo as well.  

The zucchini plant looks like it is fading away.  Not sure if it's too hot or something got it but it's huge and falling over with no new growth and the leaves are fading. Not many being produced either. Since we tried yellow squash and zucchini in the same bed, it may be that planting the zucchini too close to the edge made the difference.  Next time maybe full on center planting and let it have the whole bed.

The cucumbers also seem to be slowing down, though if we could pick them daily, they might be producing even more.  But as it stands, we have plenty and have been very happy.

This tomato plant (Celebrity) since we only have one vine now, is doing great.  It gives us a few each week  and they are healthy and large so we will try more of those next season. We use them as fast as we get them so no canning of tomato sauce (from OUR garden tomatoes anyway) this season.

Our garden will be, for the next few growing years, an experiment in what varieties work best in our climate and observations on how big they get so we can decide where things need to be in the future and of course just whatever doesn't work at all.

So that was the hot weekend, all in all, things are going well (snakes excluded).   


Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

I did the heebie jeebie chair dance when reading about the snakeskin...blech

The chairs look very vibrant as the color peeks through the fence slats.

Nice garden haul!

With that weather moving in do you need to worry about winds? If so maybe you need to secure trees with some bracing cables.I attached a link to show what I am talking about.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love the bright yellow on the chairs, but I am a fan of outdoor brights. We are in a holding pattern to see which way the storm blows too. So we are planning no major outdoor projects this week.
The snake skin is creepy but I had rather see a skin than the snake. Even though my rational mind tells me where there is a skin there is a snake that has outgrown it, as long as we don;t have a face to face meeting I can pretend it doesn't exist.

Practical Parsimony said...

Snake skins make me wary of where the snake could be. I am not really afraid of snakes, but coming on even a harmless snake would make me jump. I am hoping the system swings way to the east of AL. I cannot wait to see the picture of both chairs in the garden.

Marcia said...

Your zucchini may have succumbed to squash borers. Are there holes near the base of the main stem?
Have to wonder whether the snake was coming from or going in your house?
Lovely harvest. Have you made the eggplant recipe you got from me years ago?

Elephant's Child said...

Love your garden haul.
Heat and humidity? Bleah.
And the snake skin would freak me out a little. (A lot, if I am telling the truth.)

donna baker said...

Had not heard of the storm. Hope it comes and rains on us too. We need it.

Janie Junebug said...

What will you do if you find the snake? It has rained here in Northern Florida everyday for . . . for forever. Okay, maybe a couple of weeks. I have started a tadpole farm in my backyard.


Jimmy said...

You sure are good with a camera. We're watching tropical system colored orange. Prime location to come up and hit South Florida.

Texas Rose said...

Your mowed yard looks so nice! That is a beautiful apple tree - it looks very healthy.
The snake skin - at least you know your house is being patrolled for mice!
You got another good pick from your garden. My cucumbers are playing out also, it is getting too hot for them. The heat is getting to my tomatoes too - I made some picante sauce with probably the last good pick of them today.
We need rain so much - hoping to get some, but not a flood, from that tropical disturbance later this week.

1st Man said...

Now that is awesome! I don't think we'll have to worry about it this weekend but I've been looking for something to work just in case we have one of those crazy storms or of course a hurricane. The farm is far enough away that we wouldn't have horrible winds but they would be steady. Thanks!!! And yep, the chairs really pop!!!

1st Man said...

Bright colors look so nice in the landscape don't they? Love it. I think the storm might head more to the East of us, but they are saying it's still very fluid. We're supposed to check first thing in the morning and during the day. Stay safe!!!

1st Man said...

That's why I wasn't sure about looking underneath and yep, even a harmless one would FREAK ME OUT. I will not lie, ha. I'll get some pics of where we're going to put the chairs.

1st Man said...

Oh wow, you know I didn't know about that. But yep, the leaves have fallen over. I will look for that. Thanks. And oh yes, we still make them (in fact I should repost or do an update post about that). Thank you always.

1st Man said...

Thanks, and yep, the skin was freaky I will admit to that as well.

1st Man said...

They are saying 6-12 inches wherever it lands (well, to the East of it since that's the "dirty side"). That's a lot but I know places could use it. Be safe!!

1st Man said...

I am not going to look further, ha. Sorry about your rain, and this might bring you more. Hang in there! It will pass eventually and you'll get back to beautiful weather!!!

1st Man said...

Awww thanks. Tis the season for what they call around these parts "Gulf Watch". That orange one is now named Bret. This one might be Cindy. You be safe!!

1st Man said...

I thought about that, snake = no mice, ha. I love the yard when it's mowed. I do cut it a bit short but it's just to have it not be so bad if we have to miss a week due to weather. But we enjoy it all clean and neat, ha. That tree was one of the healthiest looking trees I think I've ever bought, ha. I'll definitely have a way to gauge how it's doing it the raised bed if it stays the same or grows, that's good. If it goes the other way, then we'll know something is up.

Cucumbers might be the last batch this coming weekend. Hoping for some rain but not our monsoon type rains. Fingers crossed!

Joy said...

our zucchini plant gets a worm every year--the plant goes great guns for awhile and then it dies. That might be what is happening to your plant. Yuck on the snakeskin. Hope you have any floor holes plugged. They might get in where mice get in---did you ever get rid of them? Now that I think about it, snakes like to eat mice... maybe they are searching for food.

Colleen said...

That snake skin would had totally freaked me out if seen in person. I think I would still be running. Where there's skin; there's a snake...................No Thank U.
Your newly planted tree sure does look healthy.
Beautiful bounty on your veggies.
Now; bring them chairs out so that we can see them better. :}
Your fresh mowed yard; looks like a beautiful park area.
Stay safe during them tropical storms.

1st Man said...

I will look into that. Thanks so much for the info. I'll see what I have to look for. We do have the holes plugged, I think. Yes, speaking of the mice, knock on wood, they are gone. Maybe it is the snake/snakes?

1st Man said...

LOL, it raised the hair on my arms for sure. I'm going to choose to believe it has moved on to live elsewhere. I'll get the chairs out soon and into their new spot. It's a big open space, full sun. I need to figure out a way to break it up with some plant "islands". We've got rain right now as I type this, a rain band coming through downtown.